The Floor is Lava screen burn & Fire screen effect

Fire Screen - Make burn forever mode- The Floor is Lava ScreenThe fire screen, you can do better magic flames and burn screen on your phone / tablet screen. The Floor is Lava screen fire It is like a game to relax and have fun. Listen to create a fire and a burning screen. The flames of burning telephones / tablets burning. And "fire. "Fender can be an application joke. Fire screen is an application that simulates silly joke of a fire mobile phone screen. Have fun with your friends. Fire screen function: Generate realistic fire, flame. Masking effect engraving- Touch mode: Touch screen create fire- fire game prank- The Floor is Lava- full-screen effect (hidden notification bar) - Shout for firing (voice mode) - Generate realistic fire, flames- Burning screen effect- Touch mode: touch screen to create fire and The Floor is Lava effect- True sound- Magic continuous fire flames to create big heart of fire on screenThis application provides more realistic fire images. It includes realistic sounds and fire effects. WARNING: This is an application for fun, have fun with your best friends. It really is not down. Make funny jokes and hilarious situations make Android application. Scare your friends into thinking that the screen is turned on.
Operating System Android


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