Do you have problems getting out of bed when it is still dark or when your curtains are still closed? Not anymore. The Essential Wake Up Light Alarm will use your phone to simulate the sunrise for 15, 30, 45 or even 60 minutes before your alarm will ring. The light will trigger your brain to wake up as naturally as with a real sunrise. The app has the same fluent flow as a real sunrise going from red to orange to yellow to white, and by increasing the brightness of your screen. The app is simple, straightforward and supereffective. You can edit your alarm beyond the length of the sunrise, as you can also make the volume levels increase gradually instead of suddenly ringing your alarm (tip for waking up extra comfortable), let your device vibrate on alarm, and set a decreasing snooze time for every time you snooze so you will have to get up. You can choose from several different sounds to wake up: from relaxed chirping birds and natural sounds, to a motivating Haka, to a nuclear alarm sound, there is a perfect sound for every type of sleeper. Download now for free and wake up refreshed every morning from now on.
Operating System Android


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