The Venus Advantage identifies fortunate cycles of time as mapped by orbiting planet movement in the sky and shows you when your personal rhythms are also in alignment. Events that unfold in alignment with good cycles show up as lucky coincidences. Planning activities in alignment with good cycles is having the wind at your backThe Venus Advantage analyzes existing cycles, selects and rates them. What does the current planetary alignment indicate? Will be a fun evening if you go out? Are the people around you generally in a good mood? Will others find you attractive? Will you have a good time? These are the questions The Venus Advantage can answer.In making a determination on the potential significance of a specific moment in time, The Venus Advantage considers a complex combination of factors--the more factors in play the more significant the time. Your results rating is specific to the planet positions in the sky overhead calculated for the geo coordinates of the devices current location. Your birth horoscope personal planet positions are integrated and your rating is unique to you for that moment in time. It will change as the planets overhead move in real time through space.FEATURESFinds and saves the signs for your personal planets based on your birth date.Calculates the current positions of the planets in the sky.Displays a significance rating from one to eight starsAllows you to move time forward to see significance ratings for future times.Compares personal planets for two individuals and assigns a match potential rating. Your Venus sign explainedWhen someone asks you Whats your sign? They are referring to the sign the Sun was in at the time of your birth. Almost everyone knows what their Sun sign is. What most people dont know is that there is a different sign for each of the other planets in the solar system at the time of your birth. Each of those planets has a different focus and unfolds its individual meaning with its own force and speed.Venus grants attraction. Its force is magnetic. When strong and well placed it brings you good fortune, and opportunity. You project an appealing vibration. Others come to you.When Venus is rising in the sky and in favorable angles with other planetary bodies it operates to attract energy to it. If it is also connecting with the birth locations of planets in your personal horoscope, it accentuates your power of attraction.Additional features in the Pro version of The Venus Advantage provide you the ability to add a second persons birth data. You can and compare the personal planets in both horoscopes and find out how many beneficial planetary connections occur. The higher the number of personal planet interchanges between two people the more likely they are to connect with each other in a meaningful way. There are additional influences from the outer planets that can determine the eventual fate of a relationship, but it is the personal planets that will describe the nature of the attraction. The Venus Advantage Pro can tell you that.Content rating: Low Maturity
File Size13.13 MB
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.


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