Blank File Generator

Blank File Generator will generate a file on any writable disk, including a hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, floppy, RAM disk, or network share. It can generate a blank file (filled with null bytes), a text file full of spaces, or a random file. File size can be specified in units including bytes, SI kilo/mega/gigabytes (powers of 1000), and standard kibi/mebi/gibibytes (powers of 1024). You can also specify a block size ranging from 1 byte to 256 MB. It can generate exactly-sized empty files, stress-testing a storage drive or network connection, and zero-filling or random-filling regions of the drive.
File Size33.5 kB
Operating System Windows 2003 Windows Windows XP Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows Me Windows 98
System Requirements.NET Framework 2.0


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