Grimoire Synthesizer App

Monophonic synthesizer application that delivers a wide variety of sounds. This software is still in development/beta. if you have any problems, please contact us or submit a bug report at so we can fix it. Compared To Demo Version. Control response is way better and infinitely more precise. Value display on controls. Higher resolution waveforms (improved overall synth engine quality). No clipping (unless intentional). No time limit. Save presets. Important: Only 32bit ARM, 64bit ARM, and x86 architectures are supported. 2 Alias-Free (Low noise), Stereo, Dynamic Waveform Generators (multiple synthesis techniques) 10 32-bit Wavetables Custom designed, unique, waveforms. FM & RM Synthesis via the modulation matrix. Standard VA-Style Waveforms Saw, Pulse/Square (with PWM), Triangle, Sine 1 Low Pass Filter with 3 different modes. Completely stereo signal path. Tape-delay inspired stereo delay (can function as a flanger or chorus effect.) Flexible Modulation Matrix 2 LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) 6 different waveforms with 2 built-in destination routes each. Tempo sync + retrigger along with an error control to add chaos. 4 Envelope Generators. ADSR High quality sound engine. 32-bit floating point internal processing. Adjusts to individual device's optimal settings. 4 Slot Modulation Matrix Basic MIDI support - Plug-and-play with an OTG cable. Supports pitch bend and velocity. Improved latency that takes advantage of the latest Android improvements. Optimized for Kit Kat 4.4.2. See release note 1 below. Page Based User Interface - Swipe left or right to navigate through the different parts of the synthesizer. Keyboard designed to be easy to play and to be appropriately sized for most people's fingers. Monophonic User Presets are stored on external media. Minimum System Requirements: Android Version 4.4.2 "Kit-Kat" or later. ARM or x86 architecture (MIPS not supported) 1 Ghz processor or better (multi-core recommended) 1 GB RAM External speakers or headphones are recommended. Latency is ultimately dependent upon your hardware and version of Android. The demo version is provided so you can try it out on your particular device. Android MIDI device support only works for MIDI controllers that require no additional or proprietary drivers. i.e. Generic MIDI Devices. Consult the Android documentation for more information. Sometimes there are MIDI timing issues. The timing issues will be fixed in the near future.
Operating System Android


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