Volume Booster Sound with user-friendly interface, ultra-low capacity will help you to increase and implify the volume of the phone from 60% - 80% with a single touch without distorting the SOUND. The son is not only amplified but also the quality of the child is better than the original. Application to increase the volume of a sound file is suitable when you make video calls in applications such as Facebook, Zalo, kakaotalk, online visit, snap talk, Facebook Messenger, What App, Skype. You can freely customize the volume to suit your needs, use the fly-up slider. Volume Booster does not deform when the child amplifies to high standard level of effective monitoring functions. Sound Volume Booster will increase your phone's volume android when listening to music or when you want the volume in addition to fortification. This application can increase the system volume by 30% - 40% with a single faucet without distortion of the child. So you can create a child when you listen to music, watch movies, phone calls online with friends. MAIN FUNCTION: 1) Increase ring volume2) Do not distort the child while increasing3) Adaptable control4) Customize child for many applications5) Quickly enable / disable6) Increase volume7) Several EQ presets8) Bass Boost9) Virtual effectSound Volume Booster can boost sound in three modes: Advanced volume android speaker-Increasing the volume of the earpieceBluetooth HeadsetApplication to increase the volume a lot is free. Please share this app that helps increase the volume for everyone through social networks Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Zalo, kakaotalk, online chat, snap chat, Facebook Messenger, What App, Vimeo, Youtube, Skype.
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