SafeToNet is an app that you buy and load onto your family's phones and mobile devices. It's easy to set up, you'll love it.It safeguards you and your family from seeing stuff you don't want to. Like public images of beheadings or killings (yes, they are on Facebook and other places). It stops cyberbullies from hurting your kids. It prevents sexting and can identify if you are friends with someone online who is not who they say they are. Essentially it blocks harmful content before it is seen. It's the next generation of parental controls and its really very clever.But we want you and in particular your Kids to know that SafeToNet does NOT snoop. We know of another company or two that does that. But you and your kids have rights and want privacy. We all do. So our clever software does not read your messages. Instead it interprets them. It tells you as a parent if there are any risks you should be aware of and Kids, if you are reading this then we have GREAT NEWS. SafeToNet gets your parents off your back. Hurrah! You're free at last. Phew!
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