A dynamic, easy to use prenatal app with the tools you need for a healthy pregnancy. Includes interactive pregnancy tools (e.g. Fertility Tracking, Contraction Counter, plus more). Create your personal birth plan, mom's recovery tips, track your new baby's feeding, sleeping & growthThis Mom + Baby 2B app is a reliable resource created by Niagara Region Public Health for use on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Features: Planning for pregnancy - Helpful preconception info- Checklists & facts- Fertility tracking tool- Baby Budget calculator. Healthy pregnancy basics- Tips on choosing the right prenatal care provider- Record your prenatal care visits- Understand proper eating habits for you & your baby- Calculate your ideal weight gain- Recognize common discomforts found in pregnancy- Build an activity plan to keep yourself moving during pregnancy. Understand labour and birth- Create a birth plan- Monitor your contractions with a Contraction Counter- Understand the stages of labour and delivery- Upload a music playlist for labour- Find your closest ER- Build your support team list. Preparing for baby's arrival- Quiz yourself on parenting expectations- Find tips for mom's recovery- Gather info on your new baby's feeding, crying and sleeping habits- Understand everything you need to know about feeding your baby - Create a journal for your baby to record feeding, diapers, growth & more. Community Connections- Niagara Region Public Health Services- Niagara area community contacts- Ontario public health locations.
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