Leaper - The Jumpy Orbs of Dune

Gorgeous design and incredibly delicate dynamics will astonish you!UNFORGETTABLE GAMING EXPERIENCETap to pounce the glossy orb and navigate it through a series of decorous obstacles as far as you can! Intelligible obstacles will appear from time to time, making it harder to play!Delicate and slick dynamics will feel natural while playing the game because everything can be moved! Here are some neat tips playing this dazzling game: - Choose a classy orb that feels best for you. - Try to tap and pounce really carefully! - Avoid hitting caliginous borders otherwise you will die! - Stay in the middle and enjoy smooth run.Make use of intelligible power ups to increase your chances of leaping longer!CHARISMATIC CHARACTERS TO CHOOSE FROMWhat do you get? As you pounce further and complete the superior challenges, you will unlock dazzling new skins that will no doubt improve your beauteous gaming experience!You can also complete special, delicate challenges to win classy prizes and unlock a variety of gorgeous skins!You can choose from 2 beauteous themes with more than 70 charismatic, glossy characters!DARK THEMEDark theme offers aphotic, unobscured, stygian and cimmerian experience. Everything in this beauteous theme is aglow. The caliginous and pulchritudinous atmosphere will take you to another world where you can sit down and enjoy decorous characters, obstacles and so much more. Your charismatic jumpy ball will always glow and light the aphotic, cimmerian way to greatness. If you like stygian, refulgent experience this pulchritudinous theme is for you!NORMAL THEMEIf you don't like the refulgent jumpy glitzy red balls here come to help the normal theme! Even if this theme is not as intelligible as the stygian theme it still offers it's benefits. While playing in this aphotic theme you can understand everything much easier. There are no unobscured colors so it is easy to differentiate the obstacles. If you like neat, statuesque atmosphere this is for you! pick your favorite yellow, green, blue or red ball and enjoy the game! QUESTSSaltation is the most important thing in this jolt game, that is why we made strenuous quests. No sweat! For completing abundant quests you will receive alluring prizes which can help you improve game's dynamics. You can also win gorgeous characters with slick, dazzling design and vivid colors.Aglow quests gets vivid and hard and superior rewards gets even more shindig & superior. Jolt your way out by using power ups and other alluring strengths to ensure the completion of the abundant quests.PLAY WITH FRIENDSTired of playing alone? No sweat, we made aglow, quiet leaderboards where you can compete with your strenuous friends. Caper with your friends and see who is the alluring one! Slick, unobscured, strenuous mechanics will come in handy competing with friends so be statuesque with your performance. Choose your favorite glitzy, decorous theme where you can caper and jolt at the abundant level. Caper carefully because your friends can see your mistakes and take caliginous advantage. You have to me pulchritudinous to be the best! If you manage to stay on top your friends will feel the frustration. Your friends will be like "Wow", "No Sweat", "Wow", "Wow", "sad", "sad", "sad". Don't let the refulgent shindig stop if it gets quiet, no one will want to play(Quiet game is not fun).MUSICQuiet, smooth, sunny, neat music and glitzy sounds will not distract you from playing. Musics is based on saltation. It evolves as you go. When you change a theme and vivid saltation will also appear because soundtrack changes with each theme.
Operating System Android


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