Dragon Shadow Warriors Battle: Super Saiyzen

Are u crazy fans of Goku? Do you love dragon battle and Super Saiyan?son Goku Transform to Super Saiyan, You're Goko Dragon Shadow Battle saiyanDragon Shadow Battle in this release with goko, vegeta, Piccolo, Son gohan, bulma, Trunks, Porunga, And krillin.spend a lot of evil skeleton, Wariors, Frieza, majin buu, bardock, android 17&18, Beerus, Mr Popo & Satan, broly, Porunga, Dende, yamcha, Videl, Vados, Shenlong, so be careful!To complete the platformer game you will jump with superhero son goko on many obstacles, fight and shoot the bats, Nappa, gotenks, raditz, Champa, many other monsters dragon.Climb the huge Goko Transform Super Saiyan bridges, find hidden blocks and levels, swim through dangerous gt dragonThis Jump and Run is an addictive adventure dash game!1) How to play Dragon Shadow Battle Transform: button Hand : Click x3 to attack with dragon warriors Saiyan hero! button Power : Charge your power And attack with Kamehameha button Attack : attack with fire swimming : press Jump and left or right direction to swim, release finger from button to go down! button Nimbus : flying Vegeta : kung fu "Kai" Energyball. Kai fighter : Energy ball juegos from sky.2) Features of Dragon Shadow Battle Transforming : Easy to play and control a to z 50 challening levels available with slowly increasing game difficulty Easy and free to play but difficult to master this transform games You're Super Hero Dragon Recall, the superhero Super animated enemies like fly fire, 10 Sharks, Wariors... classic platformer for children, kids & adults classic retro running adventure dash games 20 Super Hero collect Ball Levels with amazing graphics shadowAll people in the world old men, kid, boys or girls, man or woman like Dragon Shadow fight and very like play this games.Become super heroes and warriors of legend with full skill of a super hero!
Operating System Android


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