Goku Last Fight Z

Goku lived with Gohan's grandfather for a long time from being a child until he became a teenager. In that process, the young man learned more about the martial arts and his grandfather's attire. One day at school, his grandfather showed him the four-star jade dragon and told him that every future was seen from here through a small story. That day, the boy went to school and many troubles occurred. At first, his bike was crushed by a classmate. He is very angry and is trying to beat the one who caused the first but because his grandfather said only use martial arts to defend himself rather than beat him so he patience. From here, he saw Chi Chi, a girlfriend with the same course he enjoyed following the one who had caused it. Features: Nice-looking graphics 3-D. A lot of challenges and stages. Easy controls on phones and tablets. Cool skill design and effect. Classic sound created excitement for players. At this point there is an unfortunate accident happened when Piccolo re-emigrated and started destroying a city to find the dragon for himself, he has a female helper is no less evil than Mai. At school, he could not concentrate on the full-body eclipse when thinking about the girl sitting next to the table. At one of the girls 'helpers' opening, he was invited by the girl to the dinner party and she hoped he would be there. That night, he fled the house when his grandfather was making his birthday party for the party she invited. Upon arriving, he met a group of people who teased him and chased him away but he thought he was not in school at the moment, so he taught them a lesson with a guy who used a car to break his bicycle. At this moment she came out and admired him, both as they walked and talked intimately in the romantic moonlight.
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