Goku Final Super Saiyan

Fight and defeat enemies to protect your lover. That day, Goku went to school and many troubles occurred. At first, his bike was crushed by a classmate. He is very angry and is about to hit the man who caused the first but because his grandfather said just use the martial arts to defend himself rather than hit people should he patience. From here, he saw Chi Chi, a girlfriend with the same course he enjoyed following the one who had caused it. The next morning, he buried his grandfather kindly and entered the house to get the uniform that his grandfather had carefully stored. At this point, Bulma arrives, the two fight and he blames him for breaking into her company and stealing the five-star jewel and killing her. He immediately explained to him about the misunderstanding and pointed out his four-star jewel. He apologizes and tells him that he needs help so he must accompany him and go to find him the city. At Piccolo's spacecraft, in order to increase his forces, he creates more armies for himself with his own blood. The group of teachers now go to the crater and encounter his minions. They beat them and he found seven-star gems. After seeing something in the future was not good, he told Roshi and followed him to a temple to take refuge in his pursuit. Here the other master talked about him and asked the help of his abbot, and he agreed. At the end of the movie, he goes to Chi Chi, the two of them talk and the girl wants to fighting him. From here two people rushed and came out. [Features]: Nice-looking graphics 3-D. A lot of challenges and stages. Easy controls on phones and tablets. Classic sound created excitement for players.
Operating System Android


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