Navy Gunner Shoot Operation

Navy Gunner Shoot Operation 3D game play story is like your country is attack and you need to go on sea pack for the war attack, it's a red alert and you take army rescue survival helicopter to fly to battlefield. Kill the entire enemy and enemy battle navy ships and helicopters to clear the level. In Navy Gunner Shoot Operation 3D you cover yourself form enemy bombing and firing you and helicopter have same health bar so it's get gameplay more difficult to play the Navy Gunner Shoot Operation 3D. It's an all simulation control feature of frontline world war and in addition it's a rival on sea warship game. Best game of 2017. Immersive combat experience it's a navy shooting war where you are sitting on helicopter and shooting enemy. Your enemy navy attacks your sea packet and you have to destroy navy ships and kill enemy. You have sniper and helicopter machine gun to shoot your enemy. HOW TO PLAY Navy Gunner Shoot Operations 3DYou have sniper and machine gun to shoot enemy You have health bar of helicopter if your health bar end, GAME OVER. You have five levels of games each level game get more difficult. you get points on each kills try to hit headshot of enemy its pure action shooting game Rules of Navy Gunner Shoot Operations 3DYou have an army helicopter mission to complete to go next level and gain maximum points to get three star of each level. Its navy gunship where you experience navy plans rough attack, pocket tanks battles and surgical naval battleship. Warship combat on a pacific war machines and sea maps, Leads/use navy army strikes and hero tactic in sea shooting naval fighting depict and up lite the battle it's hard to kill enemy from top while helicopter routing around the navy ships and submarine Bismarck and kriegsschiff in force to fight back and you need to cover yourself from enemy firing booming on ships and try to destroy ships as much as you can. Epic experience of sea war you need to deafen your sea pack. Environment is night sea war that make environment more interesting in game play. Real battle warrior in navy style and intense mission trough crow of war by enemyFeature of Navy Gunner Shoot Operations 3DMultiple action simulation shooting survival game mode Smooth and realistic helicopter controls with firing option Night vision environment, where you see the firing lighting Battle-filed night war Task force action game Action camera is used in the environment.
Operating System Android


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