Sky Adventurers

Sky Adventurers is a revolutionary flying shoot 'em up game, combining bullet hell gameplay with RPG elements. Shoot and slash your way to victory on a high-flying adventure. Features. Aerial Combat with melee weapons. Sky Adventurers is unlike any fly & shoot game you've seen before. In a world without gravity, heroes take to the skies themselves, and can battle hand-to-hand with monsters. Upgrade and equip your heroes, and be creative about how you defeat your enemies. Instead of simply dodging volleys of enemy bullets, block them with your sword. Cooperative gameplay adds a new element of fun. In past bullet hell games, multiplayer gameplay didn't add much to the experience. In Sky Adventurers, with multiple types of attacks available, you can cooperate with your friends and strategically defeat enemies together. A good team is more than the sum of its parts. Warrior + Ranger: The strong offense and a tough defense working in tandem. An unstoppable combination. Ranger + Mage: Double DPS, one melee and one ranged. Take out enemies with ease. Tons of equipment to choose from. Mix and match items in several equipment slots. Sky Adventurers is the only flying shoot 'em up game that allows players to combine equipment for the best results. Plus, equipment and weapons are visible on your avatar in battle, so you can enjoy seeing your customized hero destroying waves of enemies.
Operating System Android


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