Police Officer Chase Car Snipe

Fulfill duty of hero cop and police car driver to chase ghetto outlaws in San andreas city. Play Police Officer Chase Car Sniper to guard US territory. Enjoy police vs criminal missions and stop illegal drug transporter from entering in big city. Use prison sniper guard skills in adventurous 3D shooting game. Follow dangerous car transporter across china town to arrest criminals. Fill patriotic role of American border police arrest in challenging action game. Stay alert and shoot guns to stop drug traffickers. Don't let robbers cross the US border. Take out the bad seeds as brave SWAT police to protect periphery from lawlessness. Keep sharp eye on suspicious activities and stop illegal transport actions as police duty officer. You are a fearless border ranger with authority to shoot smugglers with gun. At sniper nest: make sound judgment to decide which action to stop with an iron fist. Shootout criminals trying to smuggle illegal drugs across border. Protect dignity of your country as border police officer. Show counter terrorist and highway driving exceptional skills and catch smugglers in police car chase game. For silent attacks to arrest drug dealers: do some foot work and kill smugglers with knife. Drive cops vehicle truck and cars for speed chase missions. Emerge as city hero cop officer to chase & catch criminals with your extreme car driver skills. Patrol the border and look for criminals hidden behind obstacles. Guard the front eras as daring police sniper shooter. Enjoy the best police chase game with incredible car driving and elite sniper shooting. Police Officer Car Chase Sniper Features:Challenging gun sniping and driving missionsIntuitive border police shooting and driving controlsSmooth and detailed gameplay to challenge sniper skillsAmazing 3D world environment and high quality graphicsFor unending fun, download Police Officer Chase car Snipe on android phones and tablets. Arrest and kill great gangsters in huge 3D city.
Operating System Android


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