[Function]- Pen Pressure Support (Enable from settings) - Open/Save (MDP Format / It opens by FireAlpaca) - PSD Import/Export- Foreground color brush, Transparent color brush- Add Palette, Remove Palette- Add Layer, Remove Layer, Clipping Layer, Lock Alpha- Layer Mode (Normal, Add/Emit, Multiply, Overlay, Screen, Lighten, Darken, Difference, Dodge, Burn) - Selection Tool (Rectangle, Lasso, Free Transform) - Bucket Tool (Auto Expand (0, 1, 2 pixel), Enable/Disable AntiAliasing) - Filter (Hue, Gaussian Blur, Mosaic, Monochrome, Extracting Lines) - Navigator (Check Settings) - Eraser, Move Tool, Fill Rectangle, Gradient[Manual (machine translation) ]http://translate. google.com/translate? hl=ja&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http://nattou. org/lphd_man/[Example (Tablet UI) ]http://fuzichoco.com/ (Artist - fuzichocohttp:// www.pixiv. net/member. php? id=27517 (fuzichoco@pixivhttp://mdiapp. sakura. ne. jp/lphd_fuzi/ (Process[Example (Smartphone UI) ]https://twitter.com/Hanaichigo_8715 (Hanaichigo[Testing Devices]- Galaxy Note 10. 1 (2012) - Galaxy Note 10. 1 (2014) - Galaxy Note 8. 0 (N5120) - Nexus7 (2012) - Cintiq Companion Hybrid- NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet- HTC J ONE- LG Optimus G (LGL21) [Translation]- Korean language : https://twitter.com/MyungsooLim[Twitter]https://twitter.com/LayerPaint/[Report]- http://blogs. nvidia.com/blog/2014/12/23/shield-artists/- https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=RAKV_Ptq8DY (layerpaint video- http:// www.tomshw. it/cont/news/video-epic-fail-come-si-disegna-con-galaxy-note-e-wacom/54629/1. html (come si disegna con Galaxy Note e Wacom.
Operating System Android


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