Calculator + Widget 21 themes

PRO Calculator + Widget 21 themesTHE KEY FEATURES:- 21 motifs - widget- lockscreen widget features (Android 4. 2) - history stores the last 30 results- resizeable widget (Android 3. 1 and later) - changing fonts size- setting precision the expression- no ads- percentageIF YOU LIKE THIS APP PLEASE RATE IT. IT MOTIVATES US TO FURTHER IMPROVE THE APP AND WORK ON NEW INNOVATIVE FEATURES. THANK YOU IN ADVANCEFEATURES:- subtraction- addition- multiplication- division- parenthesis- division - percentage - square root - log logarithm- mod remainder of division- ln natural logarithm is the logarithm to the base e - power- sin- cos- tan- memory copy paste, you can copy and paste for example from SMS- parenthesis- vibration- pi constant- e constantINTERFACE :- 21 motifs (holo dark and light, purple, green, standard, black transparent, blue transparent, grey transparent, white, sky blue) - history (stores the last 30 results) - ability to disable/enable extra bar (Fn, MR, M+, %) - different decimal separators- different thousand separators- changing fonts size- setting precision the expression- actions in the history menu (delete, copy equation, copy expression, copy result) - lockscreen widget (Android 4. 2) - resizeable widget (Android 3. 1 and later) - option show subscripts - option show superscripts (it shows the current result) - option vibrationNOTE-If the calculator no longer responds to the buttons, remove the widget from the homescreen and put it again into your homescreen.
Operating System Android


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