uToolbox GUID Generator Tool

uToolbox GUID Generator Tool is a freeware utility useful to generate globally unique identifiers (GUIDs). You can use these GUIDs to uniquely identify your files, objects, components, database entries, ActiveX objects, DLLs etc.,. This tool generates the GUIDs in the following formats: IMPLEMENT_OLECREATE(...) DEFINE_GUID(...) static const struct GUID = { ... } Registry Format (ie. {xxxxxxx-xxxx ... xxxx }) No Format uuid(xxxxxxx-xxxx ... xxxx) This is very useful tool for the developers. The user interface (GUI) is very simple, easy to use and user friendly. The size of this application is very less. Because of this, it loads into memory very fast and the performance also very well. This tool doesnt have any advertisements, no restrictions and no registration is required to access/use this tool. Download the tool from http://utoolbox.com/tools/guidgenerator.html This is a standalone application and no need to install, just download the tool and unzip it to your local folder and start using the tool. The size of the tool is very small and you can download it from the URL without any netwoking problems.
File Size5.87 kB
Operating System Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows XP Windows Server 2008 Windows NT Windows 2003 Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows Me Windows Windows 7

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