Doctor Battery Fast Charger : Super Battery Saver

Doctor Battery Fast Charger: Battery Saver is Free Application which will Extend your battery life to 50% by stopping the application and services which drain your Battery, Fast Battery Charger Fast charging is Simple and Elegant Application which let you charge you mobile with faster speed. It will boost your phone as well as increase battery timing of the device. Its a professional Doctor Battery Optimizing solution for Android Devices. Fast Charger: Fast Battery Charger makes your phone charged very quickly, like portable charger does. Whenever you Connect your phone, Super Fast Battery Charger will open and will close all the extra non using application on Your android Device. Battery Doctor Fast Charger will make sure to charge your device at 2x faster speed like solar charger. Fast charging works like Samsung charger which will be Fast Charging Your phone. Clean Junk files: Some time your phone discharged very quickly even though you are not using all the application or your phone is on idle state not using any thing and still your phone get discharged very quickly. It is because of some junk files. These junk files are basically the files of the application which you had used earlier and you have now stop that application but there are some Junk files which are still present in the phone memory as a junk files. Fast Battery Charger Dr. Battery will clear all those junk after regular interval of time. That's why it will enhance your phone battery and it make sure no application will be using memory when application is closed. Memory boost: Super Fast Charger will enhance Speed of the Device by Resolving the issues regarding Memory and RAM. Battery Smart Battery Saver will show you the level of the RAM (Memory) usage. It will boost you memory by taping on the boost button of the application. There are some services and application which becomes restarted by it self, Battery Saver will stop that. Super Fast Battery Charger will make sure and keep track of these type of applications and will stop them whenever those services and not used by the user. User can customize the boost option of the mobile, whenever system Reboot, some unnecessary application starts immediately, Doctor battery will be managing those application by it self. Battery Saver: Battery Super Fast Battery Saver is having very User friendly and simple user interface and it will optimize your phone 2x fast and Save your phone battery and extend the Battery life of your device. It work like solar charger. You don't have to kill the extra running application and services manually, But Doctor battery fast charger and battery saver will be caring of these type of situation by it self. Its a best Power manager tool for your phone and Its totally free of cost. Monitor Device & Device information: Super Fast Charger Dr. Battery will be monitoring the devices and will show you device information, CPU consumption, Ram usage and battery usage etc.CPU and RAM temperature etc.Smart Battery Charger will enable you to activate or deactivate Wife, Bluetooth, Screen Rotation, Screen Timeout time, Brightness controlling. You don't have to activate Fast Charger. It will be activated whenever it needed. Most Prominent Features of the application are: Boost Your phone 2x fasterClean cacheJunk file cleaningCapacity of the batteryBattery HealthTechnology of the battery your devices is usingEfficient monitoring of power usageBattery Optimized Just on one tapGPS statusRAM usage (Real Time) CPU usageBattery usageDevice informationWi-Fi statusMake your phone coolerCPU coolerBattery Temperature CPU temperature Please stay connected with us for more applications and Don't hesitate for the recommendations. Please email us for your Kind suggestions. Email:
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