Smart File Manager | Browse your files intelligently, professionally and easily with this application. Smart File Explorer The latest application to browse your files with awesome features and ease of use. Application features. Phone memory: Manage all files and folders in your device's local storage location. Card plug: You can manage all file folders and files in a plug-in card. Access and modify routine files. Downloads: Manage all files (including APK and Zip files) in the download folder. Images: Manage images and image files in your storage locations. There is a preview of the images. Acoustics: Manage all music and sound clips. Videos: Manage all video files in your device. Documents: Manage all document files in your device. Applications: See all installed applications in your local device. Stop or delete applications. Delete data or backup applications. Abs too. New files: You can manage the new files that have been transferred and downloaded to your phone. Remote: You can access storage or sharing places without connections such as the NAS and the VTP server. Log in from a computer. Access the storage space of the Android device from the computer to manage all files and folders in the local Android device using FTP (FTP).
Operating System Android


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