Rucksack is an open source application designed to help you pack more efficiently for trips. It includes: Support for any number of Trips, Pastimes, and Packable Items. Custom Pastimes (activities) that have their own names, icons, and packable items list. Trip packing lists which are composed of any number of pastimes, which will automatically remove duplicate items from the packing list (so you don't accidentally bring two eye patches. wouldn't that be embarrassing?) - Reordering and visual marking of items already packed, so you can check-off items as you go down the list, without having to scroll. Completely local storage of all data. This is awesome for two reasons: the first being that you don't need an internet connection to use Rucksack, and second, since we don't transmit any data to remote machines, there's no risk of your data being disclosed to unwanted nefarious individuals. Of course, the down side to this is that all of your data is only local on your device, so it won't show up on another device. We're working on that, so stay tuned. Intuitive user interface conforming (as much as possible) to the Google Material Design guidelines. This makes it easy for even the non-tech-saavy folks among us to use Rucksack. Open source software (so, if you want something in Rucksack that isn't here already, you can add it.).
Operating System Android


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