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NFC Tools - myPasswordNFCWe will plan and release new version of myPasswordNFC within two months, backup (copy) your data and save as text, the new version has new functions and more secure and slightly modified design. 201707. "as seen on NFC Forum product showcase" is a secure app that protects your passwords, notes and voice to text messages and keeps your data secure and encrypted on NFC tags. This app makes it easy to keep/store passwords, notes or voice to text messages on NFC tags/cards. You can speak your passwords or notes on your phone and save on NFC tags. You can also password-protect, encrypt and store sensitive and private information to NFC tags. All data entered with this app remains stored locally in the phone until deleted. The app will not show the data on Internet or send it anywhere via the phone. The data in the phone database is not encrypted and no password is required to access it. The database is only used as a temporary storage before the data is stored on the NFC tag/card. After writing the data to the NFC tag the user can delete it. All data stored on the NFC tag is encrypted with your password and decrypted for reading/view on screen temporarily, and after you've browsed or closed the app all data displayed on the screen is cleared. Note (optional) : the database in the phone will NOT be cleared automatically; you will have to do this manually before closing the app. If you forget this, you will need to restart the app in order to clear the database. Here is how this app is used: View database: Shake device to view all passwords. Read/ Write NFC Tags/cards: Hold your phone over the NFC tag/card. Password/key: To encrypt/decrypt and write to NFC tag or read it: Add to phone database: Add new password ADD, MODIFY, FIND, DELETE. Read/Write NFC Tags/Cards: Voice to text messages Retrieve from database Write/Save to NFC tags/cards Copy/Read NFC tags/cards Save as text file on your phone. Recommended NFC tags/cards: Samsung TecTiles- NXP MIFARE DESFire EV1 1k-8kWe have tested the app with this NFC tags/cards: more info. MIFARE DESFire EV1 8000 Bytes (8K) (NFC Forum Type 4) 880 Words = 5454 characters/symbols + Space + encryption. = 8kYou can store approximately two A4 pages of data on the 8k NFC tag/card Samsung NFC TecTiles 1024 (888) bytes (1k) (NFC Forum Type 4) 106 Words = 620 characters/symbols + Space + encryption. = 1k- NFC tag online shopping:,, eud.,, Format the tag/card before use. ¤. ¤ Format your new tag/card with myPasswordNFC app, you write a few words and click on the < Write to tag > button and hold your phone over the NFC tag/cards. News. Version 1.1- Improved performance swiping between pagesVersion 1.2- New button to retrieve passwords from databaseVersion 1.3- Save passwords, notes or voice to text messages as text file on your phoneVersion 1.4- Scan, read NFC tag/cardWe have fixed the problem for unformatted tags / cardsNow you can read / scan all kinds of NFC tags / cards. "as seen on NFC Forum product showcase"
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