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Compute is a hybrid calculator that is both a typical arithmetic calculator and a unit converter that evaluates expressions involving units. Input an expression, such as "3.2mi + 1km", press compute, and see the magic calculation happen. Notice that the app always uses the last unit as the conversion unit. Add "+ 0conversion unit" to dictate what unit you want to convert to. So "1m+1cm+0m" returns the result in m (1.01m). You can use other operators besides +, like. /, and. Official Documentation: https://docs. usp=sharingNote: On some Android devices, pressing enter on the keypad will solve the expression. However, sometimes this convenience won't work. The application has a compute button on the top that will work on all Android devices. List of supported units: Length: in, ft, yd, m, cm, mm, km, miWeight: gr, oz, lb, g, kg, mg, ton, tons, stTime: ms, sec, min, hr, day, days, wk, mon, yr, yrsAngle: deg, radMore units to come. Designed and Engineered by Henry.
Operating System Android


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