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Doki is one of the most innovative methods to learn the basics of the German language without the use of grammar. It strikes a balance between learning and having fun. By navigating in the 14 places of the animated Doki City, you learn important phrases and vocabulary (400 words!) through real-life scenarios. There are 51 lessons with more than 25 hours of interactive learning in the app! Student instructions in 17 languages! Download the free Begrungen (Greetings) and Das Reiseburo (Travel Agency) chapters now.Move around Doki City and learn how to check into a hotel, order a meal at a restaurant, purchase travel tickets, and much more. The interactive lessons, with their imaginative real-life situations, are easy, witty and humorous. All dialogues and pronunciation are by native German speakers.Developed by educational experts, Doki has won great reviews (see below), as well as the prestigious Parents Choice Award in the US. Our app is the only learn German app that has been designed for learners of all ages. Within the app, there are two different versions available. Choose the version best suited for you by simply selecting your age group (7 - 14 years old or 15 years old to Adult).Doki is a self-contained teaching method, which can be used on its own or as a supplement to another beginner course. A more advanced course called Doki Further German is also available in the App Store. To get a glimpse of our revolutionary teaching method, download the Begrungen (Greetings) and Das Reiseburo (Travel Agency) chapters for free. For more details, please visit us at dokispeak.com or facebook.com/dokispeak.Features:-More than 400 words youll need for basic conversational German. -All the essential phrases you will need when you travel to German-speaking countries.-More than 20 hours of interactive learning!-14 chapters with 51 interactive lessons and exercises.-Student instructions available in 17 native languages!-Audio recordings by native German speakers.-HD for iPad Retina display.-No Internet connection needed after download.-Join our Facebook community for more fun!What they wrote about Doki*:Doki is an innovative update on the classic cassette-based method of learning a foreign language. It provides a program where you explore a cartoon city, learning the language and testing your skills as you go. It is pretty, simple, and pretty simple to grasp Sunday Times (UK)Students loved the interface and the vibrant interactive Doki world. They did not feel like they were working at all. The fun element did not hinder their productivity; in fact, it appeared to enhance their learning. Schoolzone (Official review site of the UK Ministry of Education)DOKI is really a creative use of multimedia. Learning is like a game in this first completely animated world, that simulates the situations faced in real life when learning a foreign language. Corriere della Sera (Italy) Doki is fun, just like a game, and behind this approach it offers a real way to learn a language, with oral and written practice. A truly professional product that actually reproduces not only language, but also its socio-cultural context and setting. Le Soir (Belgium)DOKI is one of the most ambitious and exciting language learning projects yet to appear The material is put across with imagination and good humour, the activities are varied and engaging and the visual presentation is clear, attractive and helpful. In short, it is designed to motivate and encourage the learner at every step. Michael Shade, Senior Lecturer, School of Languages, University of Brighton (UK)(*Please note: These reviews were earned when Doki was first released as a CD-Rom in the early 2000s. The apps are an adapted version of the CD-Rom software.)
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