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Are you a Palm software developer and would like to distribute your productin a professional installation package? Can you do the following? * Edit a text file. * Create a compressed (ZIP or RAR) or self-extracting (EXE) file. If your answer is "yes" to both, then you need to try NutInstall. Allyou need to do to create a professional installer for your Palm software is: * edit the configuration file (a simple text file); and * build a compressed file (ZIP, RAR or self-extracting EXE). Some of the benefits/options include: * Your program name is displayed. * Your name, email and web address are displayed. * Run the installation in "silent" mode - no user prompts. * Install your program on all Palm users registered on a computer or prompt forthe Palm user(s) that your program should be installed for.
Price $11.25
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File Size 551.76 KB
Version 1.20
Operating System M 8
System Requirements PalmPilot 1000 Palm OS 1.0 Windows 98