One source for aviation weather most important to Airline Pilots all on one map display. The goal is for this to be the best Aviation Weather app for Airline pilots in the USA. High definition weather radar for the United States on a continuous animated loop-Tafs for any reporting airport in the world from NOAA-Metars from the past hour for any reporting airport in the world from NOAA-Sigmets Worldwide-VFR Sectionals and IFR Hi Lo charts for the United States-All Google base maps (normal, hybrid, terrain, and vehicle traffic overlay) -FAA delay programs such as ground stops and departure delay programsThe NOAA weather radar is on a continuous loop showing the most recent 50 minutes in a 5 frame animation. The radar overlay has adjustable opacity. Upon opening the map the most recent Sigmets across the world are requested and displayed as red areas with color coded bounds by Convective, Icing, and Turbulence- Click for more detail. Tafs and Metars are drawn as station models representing wind direction, wind speed, sky cover, and color coded by visibility. Click a station to see actual raw metar and taf text. The density of the number of station is drawn based on the zoom of the map- IE you zoom in more stations are drawn. The map detects any change in view and will re-request the Tafs and Metars so that you always see fresh the most recent Tafs and Metars. NOTE THE STATION MODELS ARE DRAWN BASED ON THE FIRST LINE OF THE TAF WHICH MAY BE IN THE PAST. ALWAYS GET AVIATION WEATHER FROM AN OFFICIAL SOURCE. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DATA SHOWN OR HOW YOU USE IT. The charts are for the USA ONLY. The CHARTS ARE NOT CACHED ON YOUR DEVICE. DO NOT USE THE CHARTS FOR NAVIGATION. ONCE YOU LOSE YOUR DATA CONNECTION ON YOUR DEVICE (AIRPLANE MODE) ALL DATA IS LOST. YOU WILL NOT HAVE WEATHER INFORMATION OR MAPS. The information and data displayed within this app is from a wide variety of websites. This app is in beta. If you have suggestions or problems you can email the developer at For bug reports please provide the most detailed description of the sequence of events leading up to problem. To put things in perspective, I am a one man team and write apps for fun when I am not flying. I have some ideas in the works: FAA Delays Programs-Global IR Enhanced Satellite Imagery-Adjustable Time Frame for drawing station models, vs the current first line of Taf-Airmets and Pireps-Favorite airports and airline specific airport displays-More control over LayersThe developer of this app is not responsible for errors, omissions, or how this information is used. This app is for entertainment purposes and should not be relied upon.
Operating System Android


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