CZ-70 (CZ-50) pistol explained

Field dismounting of the CZ-70 pistol- Removal of the magazine- Detachment of the slide- Inspection of the abutment extension of the slide- Dismounting latch explainedAdvanced dismounting of the slide- Dismounting of the firing pin- Dismounting of the extractor- Dismounting of the "cartridge loaded" indicatorAdvanced dismounting of the frame (1)- Dismounting of the grip plates- Dismounting of the main spring- Reason of an exceedingly high weight of the trigger pull- Extraction of the friction springAdvanced dismounting of the frame (2)- Dismounting of the side cover plate- The best method of dismounting the cover plate- Dismounting of the trigger assembly- Dismounting of the sear- Reinstallation of the searAdvanced dismounting of the frame (3)- Dismounting of the magazine catch- Dismounting of the hammer- Dismounting of the safety- Dismounting of the takedown latch- Dismounting of the hold-open latch- Dismounting of the barrelFunctioning of the CZ-70 pistol (1)- Installation of the magazine in the grip- Friction spring explained- Manual cycling of the slide and chambering- The "cartridge loaded" indicatorFunctioning of the CZ-70 pistol (2)- Hammer cocked by the slide recoil- Firing in single action mode- Recoil of the slide and disconnection- Early stage of the slide recoil- Modified firing pin by Harrington ProductsFunctioning of the CZ-70 pistol (3)- Extraction and ejection of the cartridge shell- Trigger released for reconnection- Shooting in double action modeFunctioning of the CZ-70 pistol (4)- Improvement of the trigger weight- The hammer rebound in questionFunctioning of the CZ-70 pistol (5)- Hold-open latch functioning explained- Perfect alignment of the hold-open latchFunctioning of the CZ-70 pistol (6)- Lowering of the hammer at rest by using the trigger- Hammer retained by the thumb and trigger released- Lowering of the hammer at rest using the safety leverThe manual safety of the CZ-70 pistol- Structure of the safety body- Functioning of the safety when hammer is at rest- Functioning of the safety when hammer is cocked- Action of the safety locking stud on the trigger barFrom the CZ-50 to the CZ-70- Early CZ-50 pistol- Strakonice factory production (1950 - 1952)- Uhersky Brod production (1957 - 1970)- Diagram of the early CZ-50 pistol- CZ-50 and CZ-70 pistols compared- CZ-70 annual production- Czech commercial proof
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