Map Who's your daddy MCPE

The next release of the Map Who's your dad for MCPE application, which gives you the opportunity to install a game map of a role-playing mini-game where you will be forced to not allow the death of your child for as long as possible. Before starting the installation, you will first have to check whether you have an original game. This manual is provided with the automatic installer for this card on MCPE and you will only have to perform a step-by-step installation of the Map Who's your dad for MCPE. What is in this map: You are a parent, and have several tools, doing everything possible to prevent your child from getting into a dangerous situation, for example, if he comes close to electricity or puts his fingers in the outlet. You are available medications, painkillers, the necessary tools to prevent the death of your child. You will surely save your children. If in the role of a son, how can you maximally endanger your life, if your father does not react, can you? Magnificent 2-game multiplayer - fun. Huge sharp staircases, long blades, many wall outlets, batteries and toxic rat poison or cockroach poison are just a few of the listed tools that you have to do. In the application there is a step-by-step guide for installing the MCPE game. Once the card is installed in the desired MCPE folder, you will only have to start the game. So, you also need to have Minecraft Pocket edition on your device to play on this card. A role-playing game is very necessary and important in this game. DISCLAIMER: This application is not owned, created or verified by the creators of the game. We were not with anyone, nor with characters, nor with pictures, nor with other details - all this was made by the respected owners. Map Who's your daddy MCPE contain copied, processed and systematized with Youtube video for easy and convenient use by all users of the application. The program is fully consistent with the principle of fair use - one of the rules of law of the United States. If you find any discrepancy in the Map Who's your daddy MCPE, copyright infringement or other rights, please contact us immediately.
Operating System Android


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