Jesus, for the Win

A little app about a guy named Jesus, His guild, and His ultimate quest to save a land known as earth. Get that picture of "church" in your mind. The pews, the choirs, the pancake makeup. None of that matters. It's not about soccer moms, penny loafers and hymnals. It's not about blue hairs, sweater vests and emptying your wallet. It's about Jesus. It's simple. Stick Jesus in the 21st Century and he won't be at the coffee bar in Nordstrom's or letting his hair fly back in a convertible Benz as he rolls down Rodeo Drive. He'd be at the local LAN center, or sitting in a dimly-lit room playing D&D. "Church" isn't just that nuclear family in the 'burbs. It can be a roomful of gamers talking about Tuesday's epic raid. Church is about people, any and all, and how Jesus' story brings them together. And that's what Jesus For the Win. is all about. Brought to you buy the guys at Gamechurch, this app tells the story of Jesus along with super-awesome video game commentaries. You probably never thought you'd hear "Jesus" and "Video Games" in the same sentence, did you? Well, now you have. Enjoy.
Operating System Android


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