HtmlPageIndex Cross-Reference

How much time have you wasted weeding out stupid copy errors or misspellings from the code on your website? HtmlPageIndex Cross-Reference will help you find those errors in just a few seconds. HtmlPageIndex Cross-Reference is software which produces an alphabetized cross-reference index of the variables used internal to your web page. Using a cross-reference, you can find errors that you would not find any other way: you misspell a word you know well by reversing two letters. You missed an edit in a repetitive sequence; you used inconsistent capitalization; you type and underscore for a hyphen or vice versa and many other error like this where your page continues to function but the errors are obvious to everyone but you. HtmlPageIndex Cross-Reference lists every word used so that variations such as the above stick out as an entry used only once. Because many parameters on a page are referenced as constants, HtmlPageIndex indexes constants as well as keywords and variables. So, "width=300" would have an entry under the keyword "width" and the constant "300".
LicenseFree to try
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