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Laser Command

A laser command game much like Missile Command.

By Shannon Tan Kuan Eu | Added August 11, 2000

Mango Cats

The object of the game is to get 5 Mangoes or 5 Cats in a row. Cats and Mangoes are moved around the screen by tapping them, or the...

By MangoCats | Added August 11, 2000


FifteenBy9 is a tool for developers of Palm software. It allows you to graphically design the small icon that is used in the PalmOS...

By Inertron Software | Added August 11, 2000


BombRun is a version of Scramble for the PalmPilot. Your mission is to fly your ship through enemy territory, reach the enemy base,...

By Seimitsu Software | Added August 11, 2000


AlarmChk uses a 'silent' alarm function, which won't light up the LCD if the device is in sleep mode, so you can safely run it without...

By Jan Kalin | Added August 11, 2000


MindMeld is a game that lets you attempt to mind meld with your PalmPilot in order to break a secret code selected by your PalmPilot's...

By RGPS | Added August 11, 2000


Program to send/recieve files via the serial port

By Heights 989 | Added August 11, 2000


If you are a frequent traveler, you know that frequent flyer points are as valuable as cash. If you plan correctly, and keep track...

By Hands High Software | Added August 11, 2000


Companion application for DivePlan. It lets you create new tables or view existing tables for DivePlan to use. Includes documentation...

By Wje | Added August 11, 2000

Jump 1.0 (Java)

This application acts as a programming tool that compiles Java code into 68328 assember that can be turned around and compiled with...

By Jump | Added August 11, 2000


Desdemona is the PalmPilot version of an easy-to-learn and highly addictive board game. If you liked playing the board games Reversi...

By mindgear | Added August 11, 2000


Heating, Ventilation and A/C calculator

By JB Software | Added August 11, 2000


Twizzle is a new twist on the 15-tile-sliding puzzle. This version adds three converter types and 30 difficulty levels.

By Richard Hocking | Added August 11, 2000

Code Cracker

Great little MasterMind type game. It is simple yet challenging. Configuration options include number of guesses, digits in the solution...

By Jeff Jetton | Added August 11, 2000


Calculate and graphically plot the future value of an investment given start amount, annual contribution, years of investment, and...

By Mark Chenoweth | Added August 11, 2000


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