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If you are a frequent traveler, you know that frequent flyer points are as valuable as cash. If you plan correctly, and keep track...

By Hands High Software | Added August 11, 2000

PktCDateLib for PocketC

Add in library for PocketC that gives you access to the PalmOS Date Selector and the ability to perform some calculator style func...

By Marvin E. Wilborne III | Added August 11, 2000


Knot is an extremly useful utility that lets you remember everything you need to remember. The interface is simple to use and the program...

By JetWare | Added August 11, 2000


Graviton is an advanced action game that was inspired from old classics along the lines of Oids and Thrust. The object of the game...

By Seimitsu Software | Added August 11, 2000

BuzzWord Bingo

BuzzWord Bingo is based on a Dilbert comic strip. Instead of using normal bingo squares (like B1, I17, G43, and so on), you use BuzzWords....

By Mobile Freon | Added August 11, 2000

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange uses fresh currency rates that it downloads through the Internet to facilitate calculation and conversion between...

By ITIL | Added August 11, 2000


MoneyMinder is an easy and intuitive way to manage your checking and savings accounts. Your accounts will thank you.

By Oopdreams Software | Added August 11, 2000

Pipeline Perils

The pipeline hasn't been finished on time, and your job is to contain the water flow for as long as possible by laying pipes. The trouble...

By Neil Pollard | Added August 11, 2000


PalmWar is a war game played on a randomly generated hex map. You select the number of opponents (up to five). The goal is to eliminate...

By GrogSoft | Added August 11, 2000

Hello Lock

When activated, this will instantly turn off and lock the pilot.

By Hello Pilot | Added August 11, 2000


Diddle is a small paint application for the PalmPilot. Its features enable you to perform freehand sketching with user-adjustable smoothing...

By Mitch Blevins | Added August 11, 2000


A simple calculator that allows user to add plugins to the program. Various Scientific, financial, unit, currency conversion plugins...

By Water Lou's Workshop | Added August 11, 2000


Sabotage is a simple, addictive arcade game. The object of the game is to defend yourself from the attacking saboteurs. The saboteurs...

By Seimitsu Software | Added August 11, 2000

ScoreCard Pro

ScoreCard Pro is the only electronic golf scorecard that looks and works like a printed scorecard. Record scores for up to five golfers;...

By GolfIdeas | Added August 11, 2000


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