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Miner 2149

The year is 2149, your mission is to mine asteroids and produce the diridium that makes space ship drives run. Build a colony to support...

By The Baker Projects | Added January 3, 2001

Rescue Lander

A terrible accident has destroyed the colony! The colonists are counting on you for their rescue. You must land your ship in a variety...

By The Baker Projects | Added January 3, 2001

Option Raptor

OptionRaptor calculates the theoretical value of Call and Put options given inputs supplied by the user. In addition, OptionRaptor...

By Uwe Klingauf | Added January 3, 2001


This is the calculator that should have come with your PalmPilot. Parens is a complete general-purpose calculator which provides proper...

By Rick Huebner | Added January 3, 2001


A revolutionary, user-friendly Internet tool that protects your credit card when you shop online, this application allows users to...

By Idium Ltd. | Added January 3, 2001

Puzzle Rally

The purpose of this game is to pick up all the flags from the gaming field while avoiding driving your car off the road (if you do,...

By Alawar Entertainment | Added January 3, 2001


Have you ever needed to quickly jot down a note for a particular day on a calendar and be able to easily find it later? Ever wanted...

By John V. Holder Software | Added January 2, 2001

Hold'em Mania

Hold'em Mania is a pc game of Texas Hold'em Poker. Play against 9 computer oponents , and choose from a list of over 30 players each...

By James Rumkee | Added January 2, 2001


Studio9000 - is a package of sound machines which fulfill your needs for making music in cyberspace. It is software, but above all,...

By Koblo | Added January 1, 2001


Locks your PC based on idle state, user-specified hotkey, Control Panel access, specified dial-up connections, CD-ROM insertion to...

By TalyaSoft | Added January 1, 2001

Marine Flags

Display international maritime flags and symbols. Training and Quizz mode to easily learn these symbols.

By loyl lo | Added December 31, 2000

Hangman The Wild West

Hangman The Wild West is a new style of the classic Hangman game with cool graphics and some animations. The time is set in the old...

By e-FunSoft | Added December 28, 2000


Active X Email Components - includes SMTP and POP3 client objects sharing a common RFC 1341 Message object. Automatic 7Bit, quoted-printable...

By Codestone | Added December 28, 2000


Based on the traditional game of Noughts & Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe), you must try to play the computer to stalemate!Puzzle fans will love...

By Sockmonsters | Added December 28, 2000


Takes advantage of the program puz2pil to convert puzzles found on the Internet to XWord format. Currently puz2pil supports USA Today,...

By Penguin Software | Added December 28, 2000


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