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This program allows you to find, copy, and modify resources within other programs. With Sorcerer, you can extract sounds, pictures,...

By Megafer Software | Added December 11, 2000

Messenger Force

Ruksun's Messenger Force is suite of applications built to enable Instant Messaging on mobile and wireless devices. Just like all of...

By Ruksun | Added December 11, 2000

Bitmap Maker

This program allows the memo text produced by the Pocket C applet: Bitmap Studio, to be saved as a Windows bitmap. The progam also...

By Jane Britt | Added December 10, 2000

Palm Bubbles

Palm Bubbles is a clone of the arcade hit "Puzzle Bobble" for the Palm Devices.

By Luis Pieri | Added December 10, 2000


MacZaic creates beautiful photomosaics from your own digital photographs.A mosaic can be created from one image, a folder of images...

By Polar Orbit Software | Added December 10, 2000


The first new transport layer for SneakerNettm.Get rid of those floppys you use to transport small files.Beam your resume or pictures...

By PalmBoxer | Added December 7, 2000


Stereomaker is the first professional tool for making stereograms.You can easily make still or animated auto-stereograms using any...

By Stereomaker | Added December 7, 2000

Mallsurfer Shop

Shopping cart generator. You give it the details for your shop and it will create a fully functional shopping cart which you can upload...

By de Guzman Enterprises | Added December 5, 2000


With more than 5 000 000 units sold worldwide, the race certainly isn't over yet. The world's most famous 3D World Championship Racing...

By Palmtop Software | Added December 4, 2000


Challenging and addictive jigsaw puzzles made from letters! The object of the game is to arrange the 16 letter tiles into the central...

By Quantum Clockwork | Added December 3, 2000


Spins! is an arcade maze game that puts you in control of a spinning top-like device. As you navigate through the obstacles, you must...

By The Foundation Company | Added November 30, 2000

WebXQ Server

WebXQ is a full featured stand alone Web Server with a multitude of enterprise level features including support for multi-homed machines,...

By DataWizard Technologies | Added November 29, 2000

Magic Database

Build your database program in just 1 minute. Magic Database is a shareware application, that builds all the screens and all the reports...

By Max Systems | Added November 29, 2000


Xiang plays Chinese Chessin your Palm.� It comes with three skill levels. A graphical chess set is available and so you can play...

By PalmGadget | Added November 29, 2000


PalmGo records and plays back go games. It also serves as a portable go board.

By PalmGadget | Added November 29, 2000


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