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WITHOUT ANY ADVERTISE. Do you have a problem with the voice or language that prevents you can speak and communicate with others? Let...

By Speech Health Apps - Antonio J. Martinez | Added 9 hours ago

Call Logrr - CMSmartApps

Logrr helps to: Identify and categorize work related phone calls; Annotate work related calls with free form text so as you can...

By CMSmartApps | Added 9 hours ago

Speak Time (Eng)

Speak Time (English Only) With Speak Time you can hear the current time without having to look at the screen of your phone. Speak Time...

By SpeakTime | Added 9 hours ago

Sailing Reference

Sailing Reference is the comprehensive reference guide for all of your nautical navigation needs. Ideal for beginner and seasoned sailors,...

By Speak to the Geek | Added 9 hours ago

Batch Photo Resizer

''Batch Photo Resizer'' makes resizing multiple images from your gallery albums incredibly easy. Even better, you can share the resized...

By Southern Swallow | Added 10 hours ago


Geopathic grid [Dowsing]-dowsing.

By SOULRING | Added 11 hours ago

Learning with Kajsiab

Puzzles help develop cognitive skills, problem solving, motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and self esteem. Learn to count to...

By Soulfire | Added 11 hours ago

Shopit - List

Shopit - List is one of the most efficient and easy use grocery list app you can use to make your shopping simple and interesting....

By Sotofware Computers | Added 12 hours ago

Song Machine

Song Machine is an easy-to-use algorithmic music composition tool. Song Machine can create a (practically) infinite number of songs....

By Song Machine | Added 12 hours ago

Lucky Numbers

Why rely on quick picks? Let Lucky Numbers help pick the numbers for you. Lucky Numbers is not just any Random Number Generator. Lucky...

By Something Magical Games | Added 12 hours ago


This is the software which guides you through the Process ofcreating a STL File from an physical object. After entering some more settings...

By Sohler Gunther | Added 13 hours ago

The Bodhisattva Way (Paid)

The Bodhisattva Way is an application which is created for Soka Gakkai members. This application has been created keeping in mind the...

By Soham Bhattacharya | Added 13 hours ago

Text Vault Pro

TextVault is a way to capture and store all incoming and outgoing messages from an Android handheld device. How many times have you...

By SoftPoint Development | Added 14 hours ago

EyeDTV Pro

EyeDTV fills the gap between EyeTV and Android, the pro version turns your Android powered phone into the ultimate portable television....

By SOFTPERSIMMON | Added 14 hours ago


Clean, fast and simple. The way it should be. A online webcomics reader. Share your thoughts and comment on the comic. This is the...

By Softmatric | Added 14 hours ago


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