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Fragile Allegiance demo, with sound

Fragile Allegiance is a space strategy simulation with in-depth and addictive real-time gameplay. Highly advanced artificial intelligence...

By Interplay | Added April 23, 1997

Ecstatica II demo

Re-enter the demon-infested reality of Ecstatica. As you approach the castle of your youth, you sense something is wrong: your...

By Psygnosis | Added April 23, 1997

Pandemonium demo

Pandemonium is a kinetic 3D, character-based action game starring Nikki (a wizard's protegee), her slightly deranged friend Fargus...

By Crystal Dynamics | Added April 22, 1997

Wild Ride demo

Choose your character, grab your board, and paddle out for the day of a lifetime to experience freakish fun and responsive real-time...

By Runandgun | Added April 21, 1997

Ten Pin Alley demo

Every night is a bowling night when you glide that ball down the alley. In Ten Pin Alley, you can create your own personal bowler,...

By ASC Games | Added April 19, 1997

X-Com III demo

X-COM: Apocalypse is a strategy combat game that features strategy gameplay and real-time or turn-based tactical combat. The game...

By MicroProse | Added April 17, 1997

Front Page Sports: Golf

From the beauty of the greens and fairways--painstakingly recreated down to each clubhouse, tree, and break in the green--to the true-to-life...

By Vivendi Universal Games | Added April 17, 1997

Stars demo

This is a single- or multiplayer strategy game in which players can build starships, find and colonize new planets, and manage resources....

By Empire | Added April 16, 1997

Perfect Weapon demo

As Black Hunter, Earth Defense Force's top agent and world champion martial artist, you have unexpectedly been transported into a hostile...

By ASC Games | Added April 15, 1997

CyberMage demo

Shut down the enemy's secret combat training facility, penetrate the main fortress, and verify NeCrom's involvement in this operation....

By Origin | Added April 9, 1997

F/A-18 Hornet 3.0 demo

Strap yourself in for the ride of your life with F/A-18 Hornet. You take command of one of the most powerful fighter jets in the...

By Graphic Simulations | Added April 8, 1997

Interstate '76 demo

Interstate '76 is a muscle car combat race '70s-style, in the American southwest. Battle your way through immersive single-player...

By Activision | Added April 4, 1997

3D Ultra Mini Golf Lost Mine Hole

If you have already played the 3D Ultra Mini Golf demo's one hole, here's the plug-in that will give you the Lost Mine hole for the...

By Vivendi Universal Games | Added April 1, 1997

3D Ultra Mini Golf demo

With Sierra's new 3D Ultra Mini Golf, you can immerse yourself in 18 holes of miniature golf action. Each new hole combines 3D...

By Vivendi Universal Games | Added April 1, 1997


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