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Wooden Ships & Iron Men demo

Come aboard with Avalon Hill's new Wooden Ships & Iron Men. Assume command of an American, British, French, or Spanish warship,...

By Avalon Hill | Added February 4, 1997

Cricket '97 DOS demo

This is probably one of the first Cricket PC games. It is from Australian developer Beam Software. The game uses the Virtual Stadium...

By Electronic Arts | Added February 3, 1997

Redneck Rampage demo

Leonard and Bubba gotta get back Bessie, their prize-winning pig who's been abducted by aliens in Redneck Rampage, a ruckus-raising...

By Interplay | Added February 1, 1997

Battlesport demo

The ultimate sports sim of the future is here. Battle with high-tech tanks in first-person arena-style combat, where the object is...

By Acclaim Entertainment | Added February 1, 1997

Sega Rally Championship demo

Sega Rally Championship is the ultimate in pulse-pounding off-road racing, with four unique cars stoked with speed and traction to...

By Sega | Added January 26, 1997

Amazing AVI Screensaver

The Amazing AVI Screensaver is perfect for jazzing up your screen with your favorite animations. Cycle through a list of selected AVIs...

By Software | Added January 23, 1997

Air Warrior II demo

Air Warrior II is two different games in one. Fly historically based missions at home or with a friend over a modem. Fly the online...

By Interactive Magic | Added January 23, 1997

Syndicate Wars demo

Syndicate Wars asks you to take sides in the struggle between the Syndicate forces and the forces of freedom. A group of scientists...

By Bullfrog Productions | Added January 16, 1997

GeoGenius USA

Test your knowledge of the 50 United States! GeoGenius USA is a fun and educational program featuring full-screen color maps and interactivity...

By LittleFingers Software | Added January 16, 1997

Robotron X demo

Robotron X is based on the Williams Electronics arcade classic, Robotron:2084, released in 1982. The fast pace of this game, together...

By GT Interactive | Added January 15, 1997

SimCopter demo

Fly missions between hilltops and skyscrapers of a virtual city. Get over SimCity in action-packed helicopter missions. Soar through...

By Maxis | Added January 14, 1997

Pray for Death demo

In a dimension without space or time, Death is bored. He decides to organize a tournament between himself and the damned souls that...

By Virgin Interactive Entertainment | Added January 14, 1997

Cavewars demo

In Ibido, the world of Cave Wars, the surface is controlled by an evil and twisted regime with immense power, and below ground,...

By Avalon Hill | Added January 11, 1997

Hunter Hunted demo - Deathmatch missions

You are the perfect specimen--the biggest, the baddest, the best of the best. Selected as a representative of your species, you must...

By Vivendi Universal Games | Added January 11, 1997

ZPC demo

ZPC is a unique combination of surreal art, pulsing soundtrack, and intense gameplay. The player becomes Arman, a fourth-generation...

By GT Interactive | Added January 7, 1997


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