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Fantasy General demo

In the Fantasy General demo for DOS, you can recruit mystical creatures, find heroes, acquire magical items, cast spells, and build...

By Strategic Simulations | Added October 18, 1996

Eradicator demo

This interactive demo of the 3D shooter Eradicator features first- and third-person perspectives, 10 out of 20 deadly weapons,...

By Accolade | Added October 18, 1996


Doom is a hellish 3D game by id Software. Face the onslaught of demons and specters that populate this terror-filled underworld. Slip...

By id Software | Added October 18, 1996

Doom 95 demo

Doom 95 continues the hyperviolent exploits that propelled the original Doom to infamy. Face the onslaught of demons and specters that...

By id Software | Added October 18, 1996

Fade to Black demo

In this sequel to Flashback: The Quest for Identity, Conrad B. Hart awakens from cryogenic sleep to find the human race dominated...

By Electronic Arts | Added October 18, 1996

Duke Nukem 3D demo

The third chapter in the Duke Nukem series, and the first with a 3D perspective, Duke Nukem 3D is set sometime in the early 21st century,...

By 3D Realms | Added October 18, 1996

Earthworm Jim demo

Assume the role of Earthworm Jim, a simple worm who is endowed with superhuman qualities when a high-tech, cybernetics space suit falls...

By Shiny Entertainment | Added October 18, 1996

Dark Forces demo

In this playable demo of Dark Forces, the Empire has just developed the ultimate weapon: the Death Star, an armored space station with...

By LucasArts Entertainment | Added October 18, 1996

Conquest of the New World demo

It is the dawn of nation-building in the 15th century, and you command explorers, settlers, and mercenary soldiers in your quest to...

By Interplay | Added October 18, 1996

Deadlock demo

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest is an intense strategic simulation in a 3D environment. Conquer your world alone or crush up to six...

By Accolade | Added October 18, 1996

Death Rally demo

Rule the roads in this battle racing game. At the start, every car is equipped with at least one machine gun. You can use prize money...

By GT Interactive | Added October 18, 1996

DeathDrome demo

As a criminal selected by C.O.R.T. (the Committee of Recreational Termination) to play DeathDrome, you will choose from eight state-of-the-art,...

By Viacom International | Added October 18, 1996

Descent demo

Descent features state-of-the-art 3D graphics, including animated texture maps, 3D animated monsters, and morphing. Fight creatures...

By Interplay | Added October 18, 1996

Descent II demo

Spin 360 degrees in fluid, 3D motion--the amazing experience that sent the first Descent straight to the top of the ratings. Plunge...

By Interplay | Added October 18, 1996

Destruction Derby demo

Destruction Derby, based on the metal-on-metal world of stock car racing, is the only racing game where reckless driving pays maximum...

By Psygnosis | Added October 18, 1996


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