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NHL '96 demo

Keep your head up, because all the fast, furious action of the NHL is at your fingertips. The action never slows down: there are...

By Electronic Arts | Added October 18, 1996

Monster Truck Madness demo

Now you can race the vehicle you wish you had while sitting in rush-hour traffic. Monster Truck Madness provides an exhilarating...

By Microsoft | Added October 18, 1996

MissionForce: CyberStorm

In MissionForce Cyberstorm, take control of a war strategy game and battle for the future of humankind. Prepare to command the...

By Vivendi Universal Games | Added October 18, 1996

Close Combat demo

Microsoft's Close Combat is a World War II strategy game that focuses on the human element of war amid real-time action and historically...

By Microsoft | Added October 18, 1996

Necrodome demo

This 3D real-time shooter features a superrealistic environment, performance-based vehicle upgrades, multiple camera angles, and...

By Strategic Simulations | Added October 18, 1996

The Need For Speed demo

This realistic racing game features exotic cars such as the Lamborghini Diablo VT and the Porsche 911. With high-resolution graphics,...

By Electronic Arts | Added October 18, 1996

Madden NFL 97 demo

The '97 version of this classic is now available for the PC, PlayStation, and Saturn. Expect state-of-the-art graphics and arcade-style...

By Electronic Arts | Added October 18, 1996

M.A.X. demo

M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault & Exploration is the only concurrent turn-based strategy war game that combines customizable vehicles...

By Interplay | Added October 18, 1996

MechWarrior 2

The year is 3057. A struggle for power fuels a society of warring clans; bitter infighting perpetuates a universe of unrest. Victory...

By Activision | Added October 18, 1996

Lemmings Paintball demo

You are head of a tribe of lemmings armed with pump-action paint guns and a mission. Your team must battle opponent lemming teams...

By Psygnosis | Added October 18, 1996

Deadly Games demo

In Jagged Alliance, a bunch of quirky and unpredictable mercenaries taught you a thing about attitude. In Deadly Games, they're all...

By Sir-Tech Software | Added October 18, 1996

Hexen demo

Hexen is a first-person shoot-'em-up game from the creators of Doom. The object is to survive. This demo is limited to the first...

By id Software | Added October 18, 1996

Hellbender demo

As commander of the awesomely equipped Hellbender prototype attack craft, you alone must destroy the soulless Bion invaders before...

By MediaAge Software | Added October 18, 1996

Harpoon Classic 97 demo

Based on the original Harpoon, one of the most sophisticated and realistic contemporary war games ever developed, Harpoon Classic...

By Interactive Magic | Added October 18, 1996

Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures demo

Search for hidden treasure with Indiana Jones. This program offers billions of games that are set in 1930s Mexico with motley characters,...

By LucasArts Entertainment | Added October 18, 1996


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