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Camelot (Medieval: Total War)

Here is a Medieval: Total War modification that allows you to play as King Arthur or a Merlin faction.

By King Arthur | Added October 22, 2003

Gunman Chronicles Amityhouse map

This is a map for gunman. It was modeled after the actual house from Amityville Horror. It includes creepy sounds and effects.

By VIGILANTe | Added October 22, 2003

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance - Mech Beach map

This is a three-on-three map that supports Attrition, Destruction, King of the Hill, Team Attrition (4 teams), and Team Destruction,...

By Maps&Mods | Added October 22, 2003

Red Faction - Tunnel map

Find a rocket launcher and blow your way to the enemy flag, or take a swim and use the tunnel to infiltrate the enemy base.

By Black Seer | Added October 22, 2003

Gunman Chronicles Bootcamp map

By special request,a straight conversion of valve's classic Bootcamp,to play on Gunman Chronicles .

By Valve | Added October 22, 2003

The Sims - Cats Fan skin

This is a a modification of one of the SimShow skins, with the "Cats" logo and eyes.

By tombrutus | Added October 22, 2003


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