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Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 1.03 patch

This is the 1.03 Jedi Knight II patch. It adds adds 3D-sound support, force-feedback support, several single-player bug fixes, four...

By LucasArts Entertainment | Added October 23, 2003

Gorasul 1.06 patch (English)

This patch updates Gorasul to v1.06 from previous versions, fixing up a few bugs and issues.

By JoWood Productions | Added October 23, 2003

Carnivores: The Ice Age 2.12 patch

This is the 2.12 patch for Carnivores 2. It includes support for the ATI Radeon card, as well as better support for Windows 2000.

By Atari | Added October 23, 2003

The War Engine 1.00 to 1.03 patch

This is the 1.00 to 1.03 patch for The War Engine. It fixes certain bugs, improves AI, and more.

By Shrapnel Games | Added October 23, 2003

American McGee's Alice Matrox patch

The Alice update patch fixes slowdown problems that occur when running Alice on machines equipped with Matrox video cards. Areas that...

By Electronic Arts | Added October 23, 2003

Emperor: Battle for Dune 1.08 patch

Here is an update for the real-time strategy game Emperor: Battle for Dune. It updates the English version to 1.08.

By EA Games | Added October 23, 2003


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