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Jumpy Frog for Windows 10

Jumpy Frog is an epic short lived adventure of a frog in a mysterious land. The frogs main goal is to live as long as possible before...

By Robert Magie | Added June 29, 2017

Poor Bird for Windows 10

Poor Bird is Colorful, attractive and difficult game for any age, which is available for all Windows 10 devices.

By Azat Tazayan | Added June 29, 2017

Atelerix for Windows 10

Help Atelerix on his quest to retrieve all the gems that the robo-badgers have stolen and hidden in a giant death trap. Luckily Atelerix...

By Cogitar3 Computing | Added June 29, 2017

Brick Breaker HD PC for Windows 10

Brick Breaker is a game of puzzle free brick, you control a futuristic racket, the objective of the game is to throw the ball and destroy...

By SKYNET SYSTEM | Added June 28, 2017

F16Tappy for Windows 10

Bring your F-16 to safety. You F16 slowly losing altitude, make sure he stays in the air by tapping the screen, and watch out for obstacles....

By Berrevoets Systems | Added June 28, 2017

Dinkey and the Sprouts for Windows 10

In this freefalling game you play as Dinkey, an obese hedgehog, who is stuck in a nightmare where he is continuously falling. Avoid...

By Dinkeytom | Added June 28, 2017

Dave in Danger for Windows 10

Relive the good old days with Dave in Danger, a fun arcade game inspired by classics of the 90s. Control the character using the keyboard...

By Vinicius B Bittencourt | Added June 28, 2017

Jelly Germ for Windows 10

Run, jump and boost through a beautiful procedurally generated world while catching stars and avoiding obstacles. How far can you go...

By White Rooster Games | Added June 28, 2017

broken time for Windows 10

The clock of destiny is damaged, you ah kin must reach the pyramid to repair time, 60 seconds between harmony and chaos. can you? You...

By diyo games | Added June 27, 2017

Alan Jumper for Windows 10

Jumping from platform to platform based on jump power holding down the screen button, it's fun and easy.

By Jure Miskovic | Added June 27, 2017

Running Alley for Windows 10

Busted while spray-painting his neighborhood you have to run as far away as possible from the police. How far can you get? Running...

By RetroRISTIC | Added June 27, 2017

Hami for Windows 10

Hami is a small bunny who is trying to find his little teddy, stolen by mini goblins. His hop adventures are leading him through a...

By Ferenczfi Zoltan | Added June 27, 2017

Travel Trouble for Windows 10

Help Jimmy the lumberjack cross Canada that after a long winter is covered in potholes. You'll have to jump carefully to get from BC...

By RPN Software | Added June 27, 2017

Pixel Knight Adventures Pro for Windows 10

Pixel Knight - welcome to the Middle Ages. Feel like a real hero of this exciting era with knight's tournaments and dangerous adventures....

By Academ Media Games, LLC | Added June 27, 2017


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