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Word Counter

Word-Counter helps you to quickly count the number of sentences, lines, words, unique words, characters, characters without spaces...

By iTeamDeveloper | Added April 14, 2015

Body Fat Calculator

Body Fat Calculator uses Height and Circumference method used by The US Navy to measure percentage of your Body Fat. It is the simplest...

By iTeamDeveloper | Added April 14, 2015

Home Remedies

Treatments using home remedies are becoming the first choice of many people with health concerns. Home Remedies is unique collection...

By iTeamDeveloper | Added April 14, 2015


YMailTab help you to quickly access your Yahoo Mail. The easiest and simple way to access your emails with one click in your menu bar....

By iTeamDeveloper | Added March 22, 2015


MyStopWatch is a simple stopwatch that shows hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Clean, simple and friendly user interface. Option...

By iTeamDeveloper | Added March 11, 2015


PercentCalculator is a simple and effective tool which allows you to perform percent related calculations effortlessly by simply...

By iTeamDeveloper | Added March 11, 2015

BMR Calculator

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is an estimate of how many calories your body burns at rest. It represents the minimum amount of energy...

By iTeamDeveloper | Added February 26, 2015

BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person's weight and height. BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for...

By iTeamDeveloper | Added February 26, 2015

Simple Calculator

If you're looking for a visually appealing calculator for your basic math needs, then Simple Calculator is highly recommended. Simple...

By Genius Cloud Apps | Added February 2, 2015

Awesome Quotes HD

Awesome Quotes provides you easy User Interface giving prime importance to quality of the content and ease of reading. Our specially...

By Genius Cloud Apps | Added February 1, 2015


Tripcast is a living travel journal for your friends back home. Start a trip, invite your friends and family to the album, and give...

By Cluster Labs | Added October 2, 2014


Following is features of menuFOREX. - menu bar app to display currency exchange rates - Without interrupting your desktop workflow,...

By Yengee | Added September 12, 2014

Led Torch

Led Torch is a smart flash light for your Android. Quick Response, easy to understand user interface, bright screen for no flash handsets,...

By GOF | Added August 31, 2014

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus for Android blocks all annoying ads on your tablet or smartphone! NO ROOT REQUIRED! It blocks intrusive ads from reaching...

By Adblock Plus | Added July 29, 2014


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