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Reloj Cucu

From the developer: "A Cucu Clock thats sincronize with your system clock. Every 15 minutes the bird alerts you."

By | Added June 18, 2002

Clock Domain MZ

This 3D animated multi-zone desktop clock offers different skins, displays the exact time in 3 different locations in a virtual analog...

By | Added June 17, 2002


Chimer acts like a carriage clock, chiming out the hours with a sound sample of your choice. Not only are you able to configure Chimer...

By Prime-Projects | Added June 12, 2002


From the developer: "A simple program that allows you to turn your computer into a fully functional alarm clock. Includes support for...

By Sheepsoft | Added June 11, 2002

Remind Me

This program reminds each and every thing about you. Be it your appointments, your anniversaries, etc. It has customizable options...

By Futurecomputing | Added May 16, 2002

Atomic Timer

With the use of an Internet connection and your PC, keep your system clock up to date with this simple program. NTP servers help keep...

By Shadow Enterprise | Added February 14, 2002

Sync-It With Atom

Sync-It with Atom is a network time protocol client that calibrates the system time of your computer with a timeserver on the Internet....

By Sami Tolvanen | Added January 24, 2002

Time Zones for PCs

Time Zones for PCs is a powerful new tool for people that make international phone calls or do business overseas. It is built around...

By Digital Design Ltd. | Added October 12, 2001

Elegant Clock

Elegant Clock is an analog clock with skin support, reminder, and atomic time. Make your clock look like a grandfather clock, or change...

By AKS-Labs | Added August 28, 2001

JSS Clock Sync

This is a freeware application for adjusting the PC clock. There are 12 free NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers used by JSS Clock...

By JSS | Added May 2, 2001

WebTime is a simple app that displays the new Swatch(tm) Internet time in your dock.

By epicware | Added March 24, 2001


This is a world clock with 16 customizable clocks and alarms. You can use different skin files for a personal look. It includes a screensaver...

By H.A.L. 9000 Media | Added March 13, 2001

Camo Soda Break

This is a countdown program that reminds you to do important things. You can make this program remind you every 1-9999 minutes. There...

By Camoware | Added March 6, 2001


Simple straight-forward stopwatch. Supports Start/Stop/Reset/Lap operations. Times up to 99 hours in 1/10 second increments. Also supports...

By delete | Added November 16, 2000


AtomTime98 connects to the atomic timeserver in Boulder, Colorado, and fetches the current atomic time. It compares this to your PC's...

By Atomtime | Added May 4, 1998


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