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Keybreeze is a small, command-line toolbar that's only visible when you are using it. Press a hotkey on your keyboard to activate it....

By Keybreeze | Added 2 days ago

Programmer's Tool

Programmer's Tool allows you to set global hotkeys to launch applications, to bring applications to the foreground, to copy text to...

By Programmer's Tool | Added February 12, 2017


Alfred is an award-winning productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and...

By Alfred | Added February 9, 2017


SideSlide is an advanced, portable, unobtrusive, dockable, skinnable, instantly accessible, highly configurable Desktop Extension on...

By NorthGlide | Added February 8, 2017

Gumbleville Launcher

The tool basically creates a remaining isolated environment of the Windows interface and offers only a few apps and essential settings....

By Gumbleville | Added February 6, 2017


Quicksilver is a launcher utility app for Mac OS X which gives you the ability to perform common, every-day tasks rapidly and without...

By Blacktree | Added January 26, 2017

Wise Hotkey

Wise Hotkey is a simple and easy- to-use program that can help you improve the efficiency of using computer. It can implement that...

By WiseCleaner | Added January 16, 2017


FastScripts is a utility for quickly and elegantly executing AppleScript and shell scripts from within any application. FastScripts...

By Red Sweater Software | Added January 12, 2017


LaunchBar is an award winning productivity utility that offers an amazingly intuitive and efficient way to search and access any kind...

By Objective Development | Added January 12, 2017


What is Butler? A file launcher. You can access applications and any other kind of document by browsing fully customizable system-wide...

By Many Tricks | Added January 10, 2017


If you work with files, Trickster is the ultimate productivity booster for you. It gives you immediate access to your recently used...

By Apparent Software | Added January 9, 2017


uBar is the task bar for the Mac. Whether you've never really liked the Dock, always wanted the one thing that Windows does right,...

By Brawer Software | Added January 8, 2017

1b QuickStart

1b Quickstart is your alternative start menu button across all versions of windows operating system for accessing shortcuts, applications,...

By Xeesa Services | Added January 4, 2017

Back Button Gesture Launcher

Back Button Gesture Launcher changes the way you use your Android phone or tablet, make it much more easier and efficient ever before....

By Active Soft Company | Added November 27, 2016

Linked Applications Launcher

You want to automatically launch one or more applications when another one launches or quits? You want to automatically quit or kill...

By AlphaOmega Software | Added November 16, 2016


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