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Active Control Pak

Active Control Pak is a collection of nine ActiveX Controls and source code designed to put the power of component development in your...

By GreenTree Technologies | Added June 19, 1998

TCPIP Library

TCPIP Library is a simple object for resolving IP addresses and hostnames. It comes complete with its own installation program and...

By Pstruh Software | Added May 29, 1998

CCRP High Performance Timer Objects

CCRP High Performance Timer Objects is an ActiveX library of high-resolution multimedia timer, countdown, and stopwatch objects. It...

By Common Controls Replacement Project | Added May 21, 1998

ASP Wizard

ASP Wizard automatically creates an Active Server Pages framework from an Access database. The generated framework contains VBScript...

By Paul Simmons Consulting | Added April 16, 1998

CCRP Progress Bar

This control is from the Common Controls Replacement Project (CCRP), which is designed to replace the user interface controls provided...

By Common Controls Replacement Project | Added April 9, 1998

AR Flat Button Control

This is a flat-button control that accepts either a picture or a caption. It also has extra functionality that will allow you to set...

By Alvaro Redondo | Added April 8, 1998


ActiveCredit is a credit card number validation program. It validates the credit card number length, prefix, and check digit for major...

By Sung Yi | Added March 23, 1998

RC4 Stream Cipher Library

This library will encrypt information using the RC4 stream cipher by RSA. It also has a built-in system to export the encrypted information...

By Alvaro Redondo | Added March 18, 1998

Icy Inside

Icy Inside is a simple system "scope" OCX that allows you to obtain information about your system. The control includes the Icy Inspector...

By Icy Software | Added January 16, 1998

Mabry Mail Control

The Mabry Mail control encapsulates the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and the Post Office Protocol (POP) for managing email...

By Mabry Software | Added September 24, 1997

Mabry Gopher Control

Gopher is a predecessor to the World Wide Web. Universities still have a lot of information available on Gopher sites. The Gopher...

By Mabry Software | Added September 24, 1997

TruVoice for Microsoft Agent

TruVoice is an advanced text-to-speech converter you can use to give speech capabilities to animated characters developed with the...

By Centigram Communications | Added September 2, 1997


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