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Create and edit the new Multiple-Image Network Graphics, endorsed by the PNG-group, resulting in animation files that are amazingly...

By Triple-T | Added June 6, 2001

File Informer

Shows extended information about files of several types in popup window of Explorer: graphic files (supports 17 image formats) - image...

By AriseSoft | Added June 6, 2001


One of the simple programs I make sometimes might even be useful to other Palm users: my doo2pcx program. This program takes a Doodle...

By Kees Moerman | Added June 1, 2001


AVIEdit is a great tool to work with .AVI files. While the executable size is kept very small, this editor offers you unlimited power...

By Alexander Milukov | Added May 13, 2001


Diddle and DiddleBug are two great Palm applications to draw sketches and to take notes. But what if you want to use your masterpieces...

By Jens-Chr. Heyer | Added May 6, 2001


pDraft allows you to quickly draw and view electronic schematic diagrams on your Palm Handheld. It has the following features:Large...

By Harry Konstas | Added May 5, 2001


PictureLogic puzzles are also known as nonograms, paint-by-number, or picross puzzles. Working these puzzles is like working a crossword...

By Keith Wolcott | Added April 28, 2001

Apple ColorSync

ColorSync helps applications maintain consistent color between different devices like monitors, printers, scanners, and cameras.

By Apple | Added April 23, 2001


PostScript Type 1 and TrueType fractions font, similar to Helvetica. Includes a complete set of fractions from 1/2 to 8/9, plus 16ths...

By Tom Schmidt | Added April 18, 2001


PostScript Type 1 and TrueType fractions font, similar to Times. Includes a complete set of fractions from 1/2 to 8/9, plus 16ths and...

By Tom Schmidt | Added April 18, 2001

PixScreen Palm

Share your adventures in color and grayscale anytime, anywhere! Introducing PixScreenâ?¢ Palm 1.0 - the industry's first portable...

By | Added April 16, 2001


Features: A saveable swatch of colors (double-tap to edit) Erase (double-tap to erase full screen) Copy and paste (option of white...

By Institute Of the Future | Added April 13, 2001


A Window compliant image editor plug-ins and contains a unique 'Simplifier' effect. The 'Simplifier' removes unwanted detail from an...

By Fo2PiX | Added April 13, 2001

Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server

The Microsoft Data Access Component Internet Publishing Provider provides access to WebDAV resources over the Internet. By design,...

By Microsoft | Added April 12, 2001

CLR Tabs To Spaces

Convert tab characters to space characters in text files and on the clipboard. The tab locations are equally spaced and can be cus...

By Carl L. Roth | Added April 11, 2001


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