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You've already ripped your music collect so why not dispense with CDs altogether and use a Palm handheld as a stylish music system.Jukebox...

By Gary Lawton | Added October 3, 2001

Digital Photo Librarian

Digital Photo Librarian is a comprehensive solution for professionals or knowledgeable users who have hundreds or thousands of photos....

By O'Neil Software | Added September 22, 2001

Advanced Slide Show

Advanced Slide Show is a nice utility you can use to easily view a sequence of images as a slide show, each image being shown for some...

By Gold-Software | Added September 18, 2001


Scriblet is a scribbling application for the PalmOS. It stands for SCRIBbling tabLET and allows users of non-m10x and non-m50x devices...

By Zhiquan Yeo | Added September 17, 2001

Palm Piano

Play music on your PalmOS™ Handheld device with an easy to use piano keyboard. (Comes with Visual Basic code.)

By Michael Battaglia | Added September 16, 2001

Chrome - Color Scheme Editor for Palm

Chrome 1.1 is the latest version of Chrome, the Color Scheme Editor for the Palm IIIc and other handhelds. Chrome works in conjunction...

By TwinkleTwinkle Software | Added August 29, 2001


ImageIndexer is a utility that creates JPEG thumbnail images suitable for viewing on the Web. It can also create an HTML index page...

By Evan Hall | Added August 29, 2001


A paint program for the Palm Pilot for sketches, maps, floor plans and other diagrams with slide show - animation capability. ePaint...

By Point Inception | Added August 28, 2001


DataBox allows you to create your own database or import an existing database from any source.You can add Images to your data, select...

By SimpleWebFX | Added August 28, 2001

Kayak Cedar Keys-Color presents a mini virtual kayak trip to Cedar Keys, Florida. The island is known for it''s great seafood, art galleries...

By Ed Schessl | Added August 14, 2001


This simple palmware displays 2, 4 and 8 bit color pattern. Use this pattern to adjust contrast.

By Agilic Corp | Added July 29, 2001


Create combination text and graphic documents with ease! iMemo is a combined memo pad and sketch pad, which allows you to create and...

By Trius | Added July 25, 2001

gMovie Player

Free companion to gMovie Maker. Allows user to view gMovie video in conjunction with audio (converted video, animation and still images)...

By Generic Media | Added July 22, 2001

Jpeg Viewer for MMC/SD card

Make few still shots on your digital camcoder (JVC, Panasonic), Take MMC/SD card from camcoder and insert it into your Palm, Launch...

By Konstantin Klyatskin | Added July 18, 2001


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