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Photo Graphic Edges Platinum Edition

Photo Graphic Edges Platinum Edition 7.0 is a unique creative tool that makes your photos distinctive and artistic with the click of...

By Auto FX Software | Added April 3, 2002

Chart Maker - GraphLib

Graph Lib is a set of API's that help developers "graph-enable" their applications quickly and painlessly. The visual impact of graph/charts...

By Home Creations | Added April 1, 2002

MediaLab Effector Sets I & II

Media Lab's Effector Set Xtras bring cross-platform and interactive special effects to Director. Swirling, colorization, magnification,...

By Media Lab | Added March 26, 2002

Adobe FrameMaker XP patch

FrameMaker 6.0p405 XP patch - multiple language versions This patch updates the p405 release of Adobe FrameMaker 6.0 software released...

By Adobe Systems | Added March 19, 2002

Color Pilot Plugin

Color Pilot Plugin is specifically designed for the quick and easy color correction of images directly within Adobe Photoshop or Corel...

By Two Pilots | Added March 19, 2002


Punto makes it easy to create wonderful embroideries directly on your computer. With powerful graphics tools you can follow your idea...

By SofTeam | Added March 12, 2002

ASCon-A for Windows

ASCon-A is a free utility for converting text between Mac OS and Windows. ASCon-As ease-of-use, fast conversion speed, its ability...

By Medienwerkstatt Mühlacker | Added March 6, 2002

Panopticum Figure

Panopticum Figure 1.0 is a very convenient tool for creating common flat and 3D figures, such as boxes, ellipses, rhombs, stars, hearts,...

By Panopticum | Added March 4, 2002


View RGB colors and their associated decimal and hex RGB values.

By Stadtech | Added March 1, 2002


PDoF is a small calculator for photographers to help to estimate Depth-of-Field values

By Matti Karki | Added February 28, 2002


PixView is strictly for viewing PalmPix photos full size and 16 bit colour. It has no email or raw export facilities. The photos can...

By Angus Ainslie | Added February 27, 2002


PinholeCalc is a handy little utility that can be used to find the f-stop, optimum focal length, optimum pinhole diameter, and common...

By Concept House | Added February 20, 2002

Text Toolbox

Adobe Illustrator Text plug-ins with 2 important functions: restore flowable text boxes, and to be able to apply tab leadering in Adobe...

By Yin4Yang | Added February 20, 2002


Animateer is one of the first applications designed for creating animated sketches on a Palm OS handheld. The included* Animateer...

By PalickSoft | Added February 18, 2002


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