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Flowplayer Chromecast Plugin

The Chromecast plugin enables playback and control of Chromecast directly within Flowplayer 3. If the source is an rtmp stream or...

By Electroteque Media | Added March 23, 2017


Spectralissime is a 60, 120 or 240 bands spectrum analyzer application for Windows. Based on optimized band pass filter bank, it performs...

By VB-Audio Software | Added February 15, 2017


SmashTunes shows you what song is being played by iTunes in the empty space of your Mac's menu bar, for those cases where you're not...

By SmashBits | Added February 7, 2017

BassMidi VSTi

Bassmidi VSTi is a portable VST 2.4 instrument/software MIDI synthesizer for Windows that is based on the Bass/BassMidi libraries by...

By Falcosoft | Added February 7, 2017

Melody Assistant

Melody Assistant is a useful software for computer-assisted music writing and composition.

By Myriad Software | Added February 6, 2017


TunesArt offers new features for iTunes : display cover art and track information on your desktop (many themes are available and new...

By Jibapps | Added January 29, 2017


SoftSkies is a music visualizer and screensaver that produces mood-enhancing animated cloudscapes, rich with color and realistic motion....

By SoundSpectrum | Added January 29, 2017


G-Force is an audio visualization plug-in for media players and can also visualize auxiliary or "line-in" audio. G-Force features fast...

By SoundSpectrum | Added January 25, 2017

WMP Tag Plus

WMP Tag Plus is a plug-in that integrates seamlessly into Windows Media Player to provide library and tagging support for additional...

By BM-productions | Added January 25, 2017

AD MP3 Cutter

It has advanced features for visual splitting. A file is represented by its waveform image with zoom in and out effects. You can precisely...

By Adrosoft | Added January 23, 2017


Aeon represents a new dimension in music visualization, rich with content variety, color, and artistic depth. The result is a visualization...

By SoundSpectrum | Added January 22, 2017

DFX Audio Enhancer

DFX Audio Enhancer brings High Definition sound quality to your computer by enhancing it with 3D surround sound, higher fidelity, and...

By FXsound | Added December 20, 2016


Loopback gives you incredible control over how audio is routed between applications and devices on your Mac. With just a few clicks,...

By Rogue Amoeba Software | Added December 18, 2016


EqualizerPro lets you enhance the sound that comes out of your PC, no matter what program you are using. If you listen to music, watch...

By Probit Software Ltd | Added October 6, 2016


Hear is sound enhancement software. Hear improves the sound quality from your headphones, internal or external speakers. Hear can also...

By Prosoft Engineering | Added July 26, 2016


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