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Fluctu8 is a Web-based aggregator. The goal of fluctu8 is to allow users to keep up to date with a range of different audio sources,...

By Pattern Media | Added September 9, 2007


Podlinez is a free service that lets you listen to podcasts on your phone. Enter the RSS feed URL for a podcast in the box above to...

By Bandtones | Added September 9, 2007

Pineapple News

Pineapple News is a USENET newsreader for Mac OS X. It is primarily an offline reader, but it has features and user interface conventions...

By PostalCode | Added September 8, 2007


Congoo is a free real-time news, networking, and information portal. Congoos unique channels merge the most important news with industries...

By Congoo | Added August 20, 2007


BottomFeeder is a news aggregator client (RSS and Atom) written in VisualWorks Smalltalk. BottomFeeder runs on Linux x86, (also FreeBSD),...

By Cincom Systems | Added July 20, 2007


Feedity is an RSS generator for Web pages without a Web syndication format.

By Feedity | Added July 18, 2007


DiggTop is an application for Windows and MacOSX that lets you view a blended list of your favourite Digg topic or keyword feeds. In...

By | Added July 12, 2007

SplashNews (Windows Mobile)

Get the latest news, sports, gadget news, and SplashData blog feeds right on your mobile device, anytime and anywhere! You can add...

By SplashData | Added July 5, 2007

Diarios Online Reader

Is a screensaver that lets you subscribe to one up to 4 RSS feeds. The Screensaver loops through the list of RSS items and shows the...

By Diarios Online | Added July 4, 2007


AggPub is an RSS Editor and Publisher with HTML to RSS Conversion. Built-in FTP client, XML parser and mini HTML editor. Create RSS...

By GT Technologies | Added June 25, 2007


FeedTray is a tiny news feed reader with a difference - it doesn't have a main window to clutter up your precious screen space with....

By Haumohio | Added June 25, 2007

SBNews News Robot

Download and decode files from binary newsgroups. The program works with all types of files, including JPEG/GIF/BMP images, MP3/WAV...

By SB-Software | Added June 23, 2007

NewsGator Toolbar

Subscribing to feeds couldn't be easier. The NewsGator browser toolbar automatically finds RSS feeds on web pages that you are reading...

By NewsGator Technologies | Added June 15, 2007


Blorq is a new Web-based feed aggregator that lets you quickly and easily read all the latest articles and news from your favorite...

By Blorq | Added June 11, 2007


In the ever growing world of media publishing, the launch of branded news readers is a radical innovation. This unobtrusive application...

By Netsplorer | Added June 11, 2007


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